I have participated in many trade shows in past one year but I haven’t been able to generate much leads mainly because I’m not able to engage the visitors in a mutually lucrative conversation. Can anyone suggest me ways to get the visitors of my trade show engaged in my offerings so that I may convert them into quality leads for potential business.

Try and ask relevant qualifying questions (do you have a budget, who is the decision maker)
Make sure your stand is relevant and not just full of sales give-aways.
Invite selected visitors yourself or know the companies you are looking for.
Then make sure you follow up after the show.

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So my main job I’ve been promoter from seasonal team member to part time team member to team member w/ Special Privileges to full time sales lead and now to assistant store manager. I’ve been at this job for about 3 years now, but only about a 1 year has been management. I’m not worried about the seasonal and part time because it was just a basic sales associate. After my 2nd "promotion" to TM w/ SPC Privileges I started to do more with money counting and register management and than it went up from there to ASM. Should I keep it at my most recent position since my original start year or list the other positions too? I don’t want to make it seem like I’ve been an ASM for 3 years when I really haven’t.

These are sample resumes, look for the Work Experience section:

Kavit Hariahttp://gdata.youtube.com/feeds/api/users/kavithariaHowto#33 – How to convert website visitors into e-mail subscribers

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Customer Care — http://www.noahhammond.com Today, we are going to be talking about customer care and how true customer care will revolutionize your business.

Regardless if you are not yet in business or an experienced businessman, even if you have no intention of going to business, this video applies to you because this is a paradigm shift in business occurring right now.

As a consumer, you need to know what to look for to support businesses that are really embodying this paradigm. As a businessman, if you are not currently living in this paradigm, your days are numbered unless you create this shift.

What does real customer care look like?

Well, we already know what it does not look like and I am going to describe that from my own personal experience with U-Haul — one of my favorite companies.

Here is the old paradigm of business.

I rented a truck from U-Haul when I moved. They gave me a truck– I didn’t look and didn’t notice — but it had two hundred thousand miles on it. This truck was a ticking time bomb.

I completed my move successfully and I was at the end of a very, very long day. Myself and my brother sitting in the cab, driving the U-Haul back down the high-way to return it.

As we were going up a hill, in the third lane over to the left on the high-way, the entire truck just stopped working. I mean I was hitting the gas pedal and all of a sudden, it’s not doing anything.

Power steering is gone. The electrical system turned off. Everything stopped working and I was on the third lane going up a hill in the U-Haul on the high-way.

Very luckily, I was able to get the truck off to the side of the road without dying. I had to completely cut off another car that had to slam on their brakes, skid marks.

It was a TERRIFYING moment for my brother because he had no idea what was going on and especially for me. I had to keep my cool and get us off the road but we very easily could have died. The speedometer was just going down that fast in the middle of the high-way. It was really awful.

So, I called up U-Haul:

“Hey, we almost died in your truck. Can you come and get us and get the truck on out?”

First, they insisted that we get a repairman and come see if he can repair the U-Haul truck for us on the spot and then we can continue driving it back.

I really insisted that it wasn’t going to work. I refused to drive this truck. It was not something that’s going to be fixed in ten minutes on the side of the high-way.

It took me dealing with not only the customer service person, but the manager as well at about twenty minutes a call, simply to get them to agree that we were not going to repair it on sight. Then, they had to send another person. It was the wrong style thing.

Long story short, because I do not like to sit inside these horrible situations, I had to deal with about three hours of customer service. I still got charged for the U-Haul. At no point was there any kind of real care being given for the situation.

It was like I am not a person. Your situation does not actually matter. Here is our protocol. Talk to this manager. Then, talk to that manager. Then, talk to this person.

Even when I was trying to get a refund for the situation, I spent about an hour trying to get a refund out of principles. I did not actually get through to the right department to process my refund. It was simply a nightmare.

That’s the old paradigm of business. That will no longer exist in the very near future. The reason being is I’m making this video right now.

There are SO many people providing the services we need that we no longer need to go to a person by default, a corporation that does not care, and a group that serves us in their own best interest. We no longer need to support those people because we have options and we have a voice.

As a person, we have a voice.

The only companies that are going to survive are the ones that can make a true shift to true customer care, which means championing the customer up on the company’s shoulders and being the foundation to support that customer’s well-being, life, experience, and success.

Every company that we work with is going to be supporting the community, giving back to the community, and championing the community. If they aren’t, they will not survive.

This video is simply to give you an understanding of the paradigm of the social shift that is occurring. I have talked about it in other videos.

But, what I want to let you know specifically in this video is how you needed to take care of your customers. You need to take care of them the way you would want to be treated.

It is like that old saying that we learned in kindergarten: “Treat others how you would like to be treated and take care of others and over deliver”…

For the full article, please visit my website here:


Thanks and talk soon!

Noah Hammond


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Lead Generation Techniques For Generating Sales Leads

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“The creator of this video may receive financial compensation for actions resulting from this video”



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I have two art related site. How can I get more visitor for my site?

Do you want to generate more targeted traffic to your website, but don’t have the time to do tedious repetitive tasks that don’t bring in more than a few visitors daily? Now you can generate traffic on auto-pilot without having to lift a finger. Our push-button system automates the process of building backlinks to your money pages, giving your websites top ranking for keywords that have thousands of searches monthly. Our set and forget system allows you to focus on more profitable tasks such as building your websites, creating more offers, and converting your visitors to sales. You’ll have more traffic and sales in no time, and be on your way to generating a 5, 6 even 7-figure income.

Kevin Rogers shows how he uses principles of stand up comedy to create a killer USP and convert visitors to buyers. These techniques can be used by anyone.

And then I started to think about how I approach stand-up comedy and how a lot of that parallels marketing. The big 3 things that need to happen when people come to your website is that you need to get their attention, you need to make a connection, and you need them to take action. Right?

To watch more of the Action Seminar Videos, go to http://www.actionseminar.com

So, that means you need a very simple, straightforward website. Not a million buttons for them to push, and blinking things and menu items. So take comfort in knowing that what I am talking about is a single landing page. Total clarity for you and your visitor. Three things that need to happen: attention, connection, action.

In standup, you had an advantage. You had to get attention quickly as a comic, but they were on your side. Right? You know, they paid to get in, they had to take a shower, they went and picked up their date, they wanted her to be laughing because that releases endorphins and they had a much better chance of getting laid.

So, with all that going for us, we had about 10 seconds to convince a crowd that we were going to be a good tour leader for the next 30 to 60 minutes. In marketing you have about half that. You have about 5 seconds. And, as John says, when you solve a problem for someone you only create another.

By winning the first 5 seconds, you win about 10 more. And after that you win about 15 more. So, when they say “60 seconds or less”, it is not even a one-shot 60 second thing. You have to chunk it down into 5 and 10 second increments.

You have to make a connection. In standup we cast a wide net because there is a lot of different people in the room. There are people that are older, younger, black, white, married, single, so your jokes have to encompass common things. In marketing, we are very targeted, which gives us an advantage.

In standup the reaction we are looking for is laughter and applause. In marketing it is money and, as John says, in marketing money is applause.

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Remember when Dan Savage started a campaign to convince LGBT teens that “it gets better”? It’s a noble cause, but sadly there’s still a huge subset of the population out there for whom it will only get worse…

Written and directed by Stephen Parkhurst
Shanna Sartori
Ronnie Fleming – twitter.com/ron_flem
Saida Cooper – twitter.com/saidacooper
Bridget Araujo
Stephen Parkhurst – twitter.com/stevewparkhurst

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More info on transmitra.com

Using this tool, you can:

Find Groups
Pull-up hundreds of related groups instantly
See all group subscribers
Extract Member IDs straight to your computer (ohhh yeah, if you don’t know why this kicks ass, you’ll see why in a second!)

Browse Events
Find individuals who’ve RSVP’d to think about an event in no matter what niche you need.

Just remember, people who are attending an event can be very passionate. These are definitely the leads you want.

Or, again, you can still extract all Member IDs onto your pc in about half a second.

You’d spend $10+ for leads of this quality, which will have a much tough time making a connection with them because you paid for them.

Search Pages
Pull-up all Facebook pages for the keyword(s) you want.
Ability to filtering by the quantity of likes the page has.
This is exactly the best way to target Facebook fan pages that don’t have loads of likes and offer them your like-boosting companies.

Or even, you can just ensure that you only find pages that have more than X likes.

This is exactly a powerful way to find pages beyond what the regular Facebook search provides. You’ve probably realized that they don’t always share all the data.

Search Posts
It is a big one. Search all posts on Facebook to discover those people who are in immediate need of you or what you sell.
One easy search can instantly yield you 100s to thousands of people who have just posted to Facebook saying they need help.

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In my job interview, I will be given customer service situations such as how to deal with angry customers, and how to deal with an emergency situation when there is no manager around.
Can you give me a lot of tips about how to handle this type of job interview and direct me to some website where they illustrate this type of Interview question/answer?

Questions asked during a interview are different based on the people asking you. When they ask you about how you plan to handle angry customers, tell them that you will react polity and do your best to help the costumer though hard situations. If an emergency say you will do your best top handle the emergency and work with it, since there is different emergencies you will never know what is coming, but when it does you will do what you can. When talking to them tell them how hard you’ve worked and such. best of luck.